Why eSports Can Be a Good Career For Your Kids

Why eSports Can Be a Good Career For Your Kids

Why eSports Can Be a Good Career For Your Kids

For many years, video games were just considered a hobby or a way to keep your kid off the street.

Things have changed though.

Now there are competitive tournaments for just about every sports title out on the market. Some of the world’s most popular games feature competitive eSports tournaments that pay out massive prize pools of money.

Gaming professionals have even established teams of people designated to a specific platform so that teams can represent one another like a professional team would in a professional sport.

Video games level the playing field, allowing kids with either no physical ability as well as kids with great sporting ability to sit down in front of their computers and become eSporting super stars. eSports does not just cover one particular category of gaming either, it includes all of the major sports titles as well as strategy games and shooters.

One woman made history by becoming the first to ever be drafted into the NBA 2K League earlier this month.


Why eSports Can Be a Good Career For Your Kids Woman


What are the Biggest Benefits?

No Physical Ability Required

Make no mistake, in eSports, as with physical sports, bucket loads of talent, strategic ability and reflexes are required, but in this case the kid in the wheel chair also has a chance of becoming a super star.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of e-sports gaming is the fact that no physical ability is required in order to compete for championships online. In real life, sports teams are only looking for the best players that can perform at their optimal levels at all times. This requires a great deal of working out in preparing. The requirements for participating in an eSports tournament are a little bit different.

In most cases, it is about practicing with your team and communication so that all players understand what their role is when the game finally starts.

The team that communicates and plays the best is usually the team that comes out on top. If e-sports teams can climb to the top of the ladder, they could find themselves competing for large prize pools of money and all of the recognition that goes along with it.

Prize Pools

Why eSports Can Be a Good Career For Your Kids Pool Prizes

One of the other major benefits of participating in competitive eSports online is the fact that there are actually prize pools that pay out large amounts of money to teams and players that managed to earn prizes for their competitive accomplishments.

While only the best players will earn top-tier tournament prizes on a consistent basis, there’s an added level of intensity that goes along with the competitive level that is established in the eSports world. There are new opportunities to connect with gaming sponsors in professional eSports teams that will place players on to a platform to expand their capabilities become a better and more professional eSports player around the gaming world.


When Should Kids Start Participating in eSports?

There is no general age that parents should begin placing their kids in front of video games, but the earlier a child starts participating in competitive online gaming, the sooner they will be able to pick up the necessary skills and requirements in order to be capable of competing with the best players online. This concept is no different than a real sport, the sooner you start out a child in playing, the better they will be once they get older.

As in everything, help them maintain a healthy balance in life.

Why eSports Can Be a Good Career For Your Kids Pool Kids

Parents should not be afraid to encourage their kids the tryout competitive eSports because there are a lot of positive benefits that can come from it as well, as new career opportunities that could pay out large amounts of prize money from competitive eSports teams.

Companies are beginning to invest in the broadcasting of eSports through platforms like YouTube and Twitch. There are even opportunities to place wagers from sports betting and fantasy betting sites like DraftKings and FanDuel on eSports matches. These factors prove the fact that the eSports industry is growing at a rapid pace, and that there is more incentive than ever before to begin preparing young kids to enter the industry for the future.



Many kids start out being competitive at an extremely young age. A lot of this develops from school on the playground from other kids. Usually a small activity has proposed at school and the kids want to compete on the playground to be the very best. As the kids continue to grow up, this transfers to other competitive sports, and more recently the eSports gaming industry. Children can choose from their favorite games and follow a ladder of competitive tournaments to become one of the best players to play on their particular gaming platform.

By the time they are teenagers oh, they could find themselves participating in some of the highest ranked gaming tournaments in the world. This opens the door to earning prize pull money and sponsorships from companies that are looking to associate their image with a player that is competitive and has Integrity within the eSports industry.


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