What Makes a Cheap But Good Gaming Headset?

What Makes a Cheap But Good Gaming Headset

What Makes a Cheap But Good Gaming Headset?

The Difference Between a Headset and Headphones 

When shopping for a good gaming headset, one of the first things you need to know is the difference between headphones and a headset.

Headset just means there is an attached microphone.

It allows you to communicate as well as hear, making it the perfect device for communicating with your friends while gaming. 

Figure Out Your Budget 

What Makes a Cheap But Good Gaming Headset Budget

After you have determined that you want a headset rather than headphones, the next step is determining your budget. Gaming headsets can range from R200 to R10,000 depending upon the quality and brand that you choose.

If you are a casual gamer who spends only a few hours a month playing group co-op with your friends, you may want to steer clear of the more expensive options on the market. On the other hand, if you are a semi-professional gamer, you definitely want to invest in your equipment as it helps provide for your livelihood. 


To help determine your budget, you should figure out what sort of features you want your headset to include. Gaming headsets have a variety of features these days, and it can be overwhelming to begin your search for the perfect headset.


Gaming Headset Compatibility

A simple way to start is by looking into headsets that work for your gaming system. Are you a PS4 gamer? Then don’t buy headphones with a USB only connection. That will only work with the PC. In fact, while there are a variety of adapters on the market, the standard gaming headset will come with a 3.5mm jack.


Reccazr X2

If you intend on using your headset for any extended period of time, the comfort level of the ear cups can determine how much fun you will have.

If you begin a long gaming session with uncomfortable ear cups that dig into the side of your head, you will not last very long. If you’re a four-eyes like me, wearing tight earcups can become especially painful as it presses your ears into the metal frame of the glasses.

Each brand of headset also has its own design for a headband. The headband is almost as important as the ear cup shape, as it will allow each user to fit the headset to their personal head shape. The headband can affect comfort levels if it is not properly maintained or adjusted correctly. 

Wireless Or Wired

Reliable wireless headsets are relatively new devices in the gaming world, and for many people not having to deal with the hassle of wires is an acceptable reason to pay a higher price for your headset. While it can be very appealing to have a wireless headset, it does have some drawbacks. Wireless headsets are either powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or take the standard AA cell replaceable batteries.

The rechargeable batteries generally do not last very long before requiring a recharge, forcing you to either remove the headset and charge it or to plug them into a charger with a cable. If you have a headset that uses only disposable batteries, you will be paying a much higher cost each year in batteries than the average gamer. While cords and cables can be a hassle sometimes, it is generally better to go with the cable option in the long run.

The Earth is Shaking….

After the important comfort and performance features, you should look into some extra options that you may want with your gaming headset. One of the more popular options gamers opt for are headsets with a vibration function. Just like your controller, the headset can be plugged into your gaming console, causing your headset to vibrate with you take a hit or enter a part of the game that causes your controller to vibrate. This allows for more immersion into the game, and gives you a nice scalp massage at the same time. 

It LED Up To This

Beexcellent Gaming Headphones

Finally, an LED lighting is an important feature for most gamers. While LED lighting is icing on the cake, having the feature is something that almost all gaming headsets have these days. When choosing a headset, you should always be aware of the lighting options that your headset has. If you choose a color that you end up hating after a few months, there may be no way to change it without purchasing a new headset. 

Choosing a gaming headset may be overwhelming at first, but we hope that our guide has helped you understand some of the available options that are on the market today.



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