Goodsky Blackhead Blemish and Acne Pore Vacuum Extraction Tool


Goodsky Blackhead Blemish and Acne Pore Vacuum Extraction Tool

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Quick Features:

  • High Quality: Made of eco-friendly ABS material, and features ergonomic design that is easy to hold.
  • Small and lightweight, easy to carry, convenient for indoor and travel.
  • Professional waterproof design, with adjustable suction strength, makes it suck out blackheads and acne effectively.
  • Unique air pressure release to protect your skin.
  • Helps you restore the skin without leaving a trace and make your skin smooth and delicate.
  • Multifunction suction caps: 4 replaceable suction caps
    • Large circular cap for deep facial pore cleansing.
    • Small circular cap feather clean pores, and suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.
    • Microcrystalline head for cutin and dead skin removal.
    • Oval cap for firming and lifting fine lines and improve skin elasticity.
  • Treats coarse pores, rough skin, exfoliate dead skin, blackheads, acne and fine lines with physical vacuum suction method, which improve skin condition without damaging your skin.
  • Hassle-Free: The rechargeable lithium battery is durable and safe, and the USB cable allows for an easy and convenient charging


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Is Popping Pimples/Zits Bad for Your Skin?

Is popping a pimple bad for your skin


A pimple is an inflamed pore filled with bacteria, dead skin and pus. Squeezing on the pimple means that some of the inflamed content will pop out, but unfortunately a part of the pus will be pushed down deeper into the follicle. The follicle wall could rupture, spreading the pus under the skin.

Introducing a Vacuum Cleaner for Blackheads and Pimples

Goodsky Blackhead Blemish and Acne Pore Vacuum Extraction Tool

With the Goodsky Blackhead Blemish and Acne Pore Vacuum Extraction Tool, a vacuum is created and the content of the pore is sucked out safely with no damage to the follicle.

How to Use

Step 1: Clean your face with a warm moist towel or use a face steamer to open your pores.

Step 2: Choose a suitable head, turn on the device and set it to your desired intensity level based on your skin type.

Please note: do not keep the suction tool on one spot on your skin for too long as this might cause a “hicky”.

Step 3: After suction and cleansing is done, clean face again to eliminate all residues then apply toner or moisturizer on the skin.

Step 4: Clean the head and the device with paper tissue or towel, do not wash it directly through water. Then store it in dry place.


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