Optodio LED Mini Android Projector Product Review

Optodio LED Mini Android Projector Actual display example

Optodio LED Mini Android Projector Product Review

I remember times when I turned up at conference rooms with my laptop and HDMI cable full of optimism. And that sinking feeling I got when finding out that the projector setup was so archaic it only had a VGA port.

Those days felt like they would last forever, and they certainly caused a fair amount of stress along the way. Luckily the tech experts saw this problem and came up with something better: and so the mini projector was born. To give you plenty of food for thought we’re going to take a look at the Optodio LED Mini Android Projector, and discuss some of its key features.

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Who Would Find a Projector Like This Useful?

People Who Do Presentations

In the evenings our neighborhoods are a bustling hive of activity as people get together to present courses, do demonstrations for meetups & hobbies or even doing home launches for network marketing companies like Amway, Forever, Avon, Herbalife and Justine. How easy is it to find an open wall and plonk a little projector box down on a coffee table and play your Powerpoint slides?

People on Holiday Who Don’t Want to Lug a TV Along

With Android 7.1 installed it is easy to boot up the Android, connect to a hotspot, and play movies on the Netflix app. Don’t have access to Netflix? The alternative is to play movies  pre-loaded onto a USB stick. Your own portable entertainment system.

Optodio LED Mini Android Projector Product Review

How Did We Review this Unit?

The easiest way was to find real world cases how you, the user, would use this and see how the mini projector weighs up. To that end we tested the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Laptop with Powerpoint Presentation

With the HDMI cable that came included in the packaging we hooked up to a laptop and to the projector. Here is how we got the presentation rolling.

Scenario 2: USB Stick with Powerpoint Presentation

Sometimes its  inconvenient to lug around the laptop. With a PPT file on a USB stick your whole presentation arsenal can now fit into the palm of your hand.


Scenario 3: Watching Youtube

Couple of clicks and we had Youtube going. The built-in speaker sounds a bit tinny on the unit, but with an 3,5mm audio output jack from the projector as well as bluetooth, you have no excuse not to connect something more heavyweight for good sound.



Key Features You Need to Know About

There is always a trade off between features and size when it comes to portable projectors, which means there’s quite a narrow sweet spot for the manufacturers to aim for. Here are some of the key features that show how Optodio have approached the problem:

  • Brightness: 50 ANSI Lumens
  • Projection: 0.3 – 3.0 m, (40 – 120”)
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Display Technology: DLP 0.3” EM DMD
  • Lamp Lifetime: 20,000 hours
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • OS: Android 7.1 and above
  • Onboard RAM: 1+8 GB
  • CPU: Rockchip RK3128 Quad-Core Cortex-A7

It certainly makes for impressive reading when you put all of it together, so what are the key things you need to look at?


50 Lumens is More Than Enough For Most Applications

Optodio LED Mini Android Projector Actual display example

Probably the best thing about it is that it produces such a bright and clear display, and yet it’s compact and lightweight enough to sit in the palm of your hand. That makes it a truly portable device, as opposed to something that you can technically get from A to B, but will realistically need its own shoulder bag to get there.

The other thing that’s highly impressive is the resolution on offer. A number of early-stage portable projectors achieved brightness levels that were, on the face of it, impressive, but they had to sacrifice resolution to do it. Clearly it’s not much use having a bright and blurry display if you’re trying to give a presentation to hundreds of people. By offering 1080p resolution as standard, the Optodio makes it straightforward to show people just about anything you want.


Software Options That are Well Thought Through

Compatibility issues are one of the problems that put many of people off when it comes to external devices. There’s nothing more frustrating than ‘cannot find printer’ when everything seems to be connected.

The onboard WiFi and Bluetooth receivers are a nice touch because it means you can connect from your phone, laptop, or tablet with just a couple of clicks. It also means that you won’t have to remember to take cables and converters as everything should be possible over a wireless network.

You also have the option of downloading an app from the Google PlayStore that will give your device the same functionality as Apple’s AirPlay. This is ideal if you want to be able to mirror what’s on your parent devices’ display.


Optodio LED Mini Android Projector Handheld


A Multi-Purpose Device That Could Make Life Easier

Because it runs at 50 Lumens in 1080p, the Optodio would also make a good candidate for a portable movie projector. Previously these sorts of devices were only used for work presentations. But now because of the ease of connection, a high degree of resolution, brightness, and portability, they can also be used as home cinemas projectors. That would make them a tremendous multi-purpose purchase, especially for people who frequently travel for work.


Final Thoughts: Anything Else You Need to Know?

The Optodio promises to be a real breakthrough product in the portable projector market. With a compact and lightweight package that’s capable of projecting in 1080p from up to 3.0 m away, it has all the core specs you would want.

Based on the features listed above, it would make an ideal choice for people who regularly travel to exhibitions, sales pitches, and conferences for work. And it would also work well for those looking to create a home cinema without having to invest in expensive tech that dominates the lounge or garden.


Like the product? Find it here.


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